Friday, February 18, 2011

Where have I been...

Agh! I disappeared again! What's wrong with me? :: facedesk ::

Actually, I've had a really busy week. All last week I was patiently watching USPS trackers to find out when my new books would come in. Oh there were quite a few, too. I so rarely splurge the way I did at the beginning of last week. I got the Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures as a reference book for a series I plan to write in the next couple years. I've peeked around in it, and its fabulous. Also, I bought "The Princess Bride: S Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure" which I just finished reading followed by, that's right, the movie. I also got a couple others.

The first book which I read straight through (took me all night, didn't make for good work the next morning) is "You Might Be a Zombie: And Other Bad News." This book, which I would not really call a story, is a series of articles from the team of writers over at The book includes things like "Six Cute Animals That Will Destroy You," "Five Ways Your Brain is Screwing With Your Head," and of course, five things scientists say will lead to the Zombie Apocolypse. If you've never checked out, I encourage it, and the book was hilarious and very insightful. I think I may get an extra copy and give it away in the future. (Hint Hint)

The final book I got was "Apocalypse How: Turn the End Times Into the Best of Times" Again, this book was hilarious! The book goes through everything from food (recipes included) to clothing, to making that cave or bunker look like a home. There are constant references to other chapters and tons of footnotes. I loved it, and moreso, I loved that it was in full color. Every page is unique and it just adds to it. Another great read, and something you should get before its too late. Who knows how you'll fare when the Ape Overlords are telling us what to do. :D

Of course, that isn't all I've done this week. With my novel being done, I found a site that would print it for me (at a decent cost, too) and send me a couple copies. So I did that. Why? Well, its easier for me to see problems in a BOOK. Looking at the computer screen, it all starts to blend together. I found, my book isn't really done yet, there are still some mistakes I can't believe I missed. It sucks, but I'm not detered. Also, the boyfriend has been wanting to read it since I finished it, and now he finally has the chance (really hoping he misses the mistakes I've found, though) and not only that, but it gives him some pretty decent bragging rights too. So, theres that.

All in all, I got six books on Monday, and I've finished every last one of them. One even got added to my Comfort Reading List.

So, that's that. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled stuff by Sunday (have to work tomorrow and rest on Saturday) and am super excited about the upcoming short story contest and blogest in the next couple weeks!

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  1. It was only 8 days, so it's okay since you were busy. That creatures book sounds fantastic. I wish I had a book like that or a book on creating monsters cause I have no idea what I'm doing, lol.

    I'm with you on the book thing. I originally planned to do that after I finished rewriting my YA mutant book. That was back when I didn't plan to send to beta readers and wasn't worried about the overall word count. I still might do it for some novels but will have to wait and see.

    Glad to see you are keeping busy and having a good week.


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