Haley Jo lives in Iowa with her kids, the boyfriend, and her dog. She spends most of her time taking care of them, or working as a delivery driver for a pizza place. When she does have a free moment, she likes to play video games and work on a half dozen or so novels. She started writing when she was a little kid, even illustrating things about magical unicorn princesses, little girls that could read minds, and frogs. Yes, frogs.

At four, she was enrolled in dance classes and that became the focus of her life outside of school and family. She continued with that endeavor for fifteen years before graduating from high school and enrolling at a local college for accounting. At that time, she had her first daughter, followed by another three years later.

After taking a composition class in college, Haley Jo remembered her love for writing, and even found a few of the stories she started in high school.

Since then, she joined an online writing community for a time and made a lot of great friends who helped her a ton, created several short stories, and has really thrown herself into novel writing. She has participated in NaNoWriMo for the last two years, giving her two finished novels that are being edited, and she will begin querying as soon as they are ready.

Her favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, though she also dabbles in romance and in suspense.

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