A Place Called Earth
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: R for adult content and language

"A Place Called Earth" is a mix between a Science fiction and a drama. It follows eight different people around as their lives are turned upside down and inside out. Through their stuggles to make sense of their lives, they find friendship and love. The story is written in 1st person POV and switches between all eight characters to truly get into their minds as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

This is currently my only finished novel. It was written during NaNoWriMo 2009 and won. I am still in the revision phase, working on adding details and making sure that it is ready to be published. I am going to be sending query letters to try and find an agent soon.

Beginning Near the End
Genre: Romance
Rating: Adult

Amelia Hays loves her job, her grandparents, and her life. The only thing that she would like to change is her no-good boyfriend, Austin. After being with him for six years, she's ready for a change.Working as a waitress at a restaurant, she's simply biding her time until she has the money to get a car and get away. When she begins to spend more time with the handsome Jeremy Barns, in and out of work, they both begin to see a connection.

After a night of drinking, Amelia wakes to find herself in a strange hotel room with an unexpected bedmate and a wedding band on her finger. While she tries to sort through the unexpected mess she found herself in, undeniable feelings give way to a passion she never knew she was capable of. While the two are busy trying to make the odd relationship work, others plot to tear them apart.

This was my NaNoWriMo 2010 winner. Currently in the editing/rewrite phase, I would love to see an unconventional romance see shelves someday!

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: YA

What would you do if you had to watch your family be ripped apart in front of you and there was nothing you could do about their killers? What if the same killers attacked you? What if you started hearing, and seeing odd things? What if the full moon turned you into a beast that thirsted for the blood of others?

Elysia Greysky woke up a week after she was supposed to be vacationing with her parents in a hospital and began having nightmares about the wolves that attacked and killed her parents and brother in the Alaskan wilderness. When an aunt she hadn't known about comes to her to take care of her, she finds herself grateful, even if something about the woman set off alarms in her mind. When the full moon arrives, Ely suddenly understands why everything changed after the attack, and she is presented with the opportunity to avenge the deaths of her loved ones. But can she take the chance knowing it will cost her something in return?

Vera's Story (Working Title)
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Love
Rating: 13+ for some adult situations

Vera is just a regular girl in high school. That is, until a freak accident unleashes an awesome power within her. Her world is changing and she is brought into a deadly war that is being hidden from the majority of the public. There are enemies that she had thought were only myth. But what happens when she goes off on her own mission to find out the truth? What happens when the vampire she's hunting has another story for her? Vera is left to choose a side--to pick a team. Who will she choose? And how will her new friends feel about the budding romance?

This story is still in the writing stage. I took a break from it because it was starting to go off in a direction that I wasn't liking. I'm pretty sure I know exactly where that was, I just need to hunt it down and get rid of it. Some day I will get back to her and her story, but until then, she is just another voice in my head.

Joanna's Story (Working Title)
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Love
Rating: 13+ for some adult situations

A sequel to Vera's story (working title) this follows Joanna, a feminist with an attitude, whose goal in life is to become even more infamous than every great bank robber in history. She has no morals, and humans--to her--are no more than play things to be disposed of as soon as their veins run dry. When a former "friend" of hers gets her into a spot of trouble she uproots her current plans to play house in the middle of no where. She forms an unlikely bond with a human and after one too many close calls tells him the truth.

Vera's story was one of the few novels that I have been working on where I had the ending figured out, even though I haven't written it. For a while I bounced between that story and this one as they both played off each other so well. I love Joanna. She may not be the most ideal leading lady, but she's got a very one of a kind personality that's hard to resist.

Stay True to Me
Genre: Suspense
Rating: R for adult content

This story happened when I was looking through some of my old stuff. I found something from a story I had started my freshman year in high school and it gave me a new idea. Its something I only work on intermittently because I really do like the premise of it. Two main characters are followed in this story; Ryann McKinnen and her previous kidnapper, who is not named or desribed until the end. Its very involved as it switches between Ryann's high school past, her disturbing present, and the man trying to find and kill her. We find that she is a very haunted girl that finally opens up to a psychiatrist in a mental hospital about what got her to this point. I have never written in a way where the story starts in the middle and works it way to both the beginning and the end. I'm hoping that someday it will find its way to bookshelfs.

A Stitch of Truth
Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy
Rating: Unknown

Rosalind Cutler spent years learning so she could prove things like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot existed. After much time and money invested she has several degrees to help her along her journey. She stumbles upon a local legend in Chile about mermaids in one of her father's old journals. The possible discovery would have the potential to change the way people looked at the world, and even evolution. With so much at stake, she hires a tracker to get her to where she needs to go.

Stitch Montez has roots in North and South America. He likes to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life and when the beautiful, yet uptight, Dr. Cutler presuades him to help her find something for the price of a small fortune, he can't resist.

On thier journey to locate the Golden Egg, the two butt heads. They can't seem to agree on any detail until they find out they aren't the only ones searching for it. Can they work out their issues before its too late? And who could possibly be so threatened by the discovery?

This is the first story in what I'm hoping will be a series of books. Right now I have four or five possibilities in mind, but I liked this one the best. It seemed like a great starting place. For the most part, I only have the characters in mind at the moment. But they are so awesome! Rosalind and Stitch couldn't be more opposite of each other. I've already been hearing the arguments in my head and its great. This story is going to take a lot of planning and research. It will be very extensive. I will write it during 2010 NaNoWriMo.