Monday, February 21, 2011

Synopsis Troubles

So, for the last few days I have been scouring the interenet. First thing I looked for was how to write a query letter and how to do it well. What do I need to include, what's going to get me thrown into the rejection pile quicker than... well, something really fast.

That all went fine and well. I have my query letter nailed down, the only thing I'm still tweaking is the tid bit about the story. And I'll have that part figured out here in a few minutes. Usually the first thing I write with a story is that very thing that ends up in the query letter about the book.

But does it hold that I'm done with this and can start sending these letters out. Well, no. There's still a lot I need to do. I have started researching my possible agents. My John Herman's reference book is great! But man, it is disheartening to see that so many agents are against the sci-fi genre... Moreso, there are quite a few agents are very vague about what kind of book they want. I found myself searching the WWW for the difference between literary and commercial fiction... :: sigh ::

Sadly, that isn't even my biggest problem. So many of them want (wait for it) a synopsis! (Insert dread soundtrack here) It feels so wrong to give away the whole story in summary form. I find myself stomping my foot and shaking my head, saying, "I WON'T DO IT AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Yeah, I can be a bit dramatic at times...

Anyway, that's what I'm wracking my brain with today. Synopsis, ugh.

Tomorrow, I have a blog spotlight for all of you. I just need to find the URL again. So, there's that! I'll catch you all later!


  1. You are a brave woman with the query. I wish there were a magic formula when it comes to the query, where we could type in our basic query, and the on-line magician taps it with a wand, making the query irresistible. Good luck! Susan

  2. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I think after the whole synopsis ordeal, I will never fear the query process again. Then again... it'll probably start all over with the next book. :D


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