Monday, January 31, 2011

So Super Excited

My NaNo from 2009, "A Place Called Earth," is on it final edit. I have gone through and checked for repeating words and phrases, flat writing, empty adverbs, phony dialogue, evil suffixes, the passive voice, those crappy pesky -ly words, listts, and the awkward phrasing. Not to mention, filling the plot holes. (Wow... I just realized how pun-tastic that was. :-/ ) What's left for me to do? Well, its funny you should ask.

My favorite part of Microsoft Office is the find/replace feature. I use it A LOT! The last thing I do is the passive "to be" stuff. Its hard to get rid of. It takes a while. But, that isn't the only thing that needs to be ridded from the world I've created. There are a few things that need to go with them. They are empty words, they feel good coming out when you write that rough draft, but they are EVIL! Those words are just, really, seemed, had, that, began, started, and realized. The writing is so much stronger without them!

It was actually something I would have comepletely missed if it weren't for NaNo 2010. I noticed a lot of had's and that's that didn't seem to do anything but sit there on the page. Needless to say, it feels like a task that should go after the plot filling and the other major edits (Do I smell another rewrite in my future? *sigh*).

So, that's what's going on. I am up to Chapter 7 of 25, and the pages are still continuing to rise. I am also preparing the format to have it printed so I'll have a couple proof copies for my friend and the boyfriend to look over. From there on out... well, then comes the hard part--trying to snag an agent.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling I'll have lost my boucy attitude the next time I update you all on "A Place Called Earth."

P.S.  I almost forgot! I'm working on an entry form for my giveaway that I hope will be coming up in the near future. I'm thinking I will start posting about the blog on Facebook, so if we're friends there, awesome! Otherwise you should add me as a buddy.

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