Friday, April 8, 2011

A to Z: (G)ifts

Who doesn't love getting a gift? Tearing off the wrapping paper, opening the box, finding out what's inside. It's awesome!

Well... not always. Some people really don't like getting gifts because they feel they need to return the favor, or they hate surprises.

That's what today's post is about.

Characters giving and recieving gifts can give great insight to who they are. How do they react to recieving the gift? Do they like the gift they get?

Keep in mind, not all gifts are appreciated. Or maybe it isn't the recieving of the gift, but the present itself they don't like. I can tell you that I love candles, but if I get one more as a gift, I might tear my hair out.

The act of giving can be an interesting story in and of itself. How much did the character agonize over finding that perfect present, and who is it for? Can you imagine your lead guy going to a langerie shop to find some new "wrapping paper" for his mistress and having his wife find it instead? Think of the reactions from all parties involved and how he felt while he was wondering aimlessly through the store.

The occasion for the gift will also add significance. Was it for a birthday or a holiday? Or was it just because. Keep in mind that some people like to surprise their loved ones with random gifts. Although, the recieving party may not see it that way.

If you were to get a gift for no apparent reason, and it wasn't already a habit, the recieving end may beome suspicious as to why they're getting gift.


  1. I appreciate your posts--they always make me want to try harder, be a better person. Gifts--I will give one to someone today, and tell them it is "just because".

  2. Interesting. I never thought of it that way. I'm dropping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. Interesting reflection on gifts and gift giving. I don't often have a scene with gifts in my novels but it's something to consider.

  4. Enlightening post! I hadn't thought about this. As for gifts, I love giving/getting gifts. But i do strongly dislike the wrapping part- such a waste and paper is so expensive to end up in the trash!


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