Monday, May 3, 2010

Its all very demanding...

I have been working on a list of things I will need to do or find for my new WIP. Keep in mind, that I will not be writing any of this until November, but I know that between editing A Place Called Earth and research, I should be almost finished by then. Oddly, looking at my list as objectively as possible, its almost humorous. So, I thought I'd share it. Maybe someone feeling a little down about their current WIP will take a look at it, laugh, and pray for me. So here it is:

  • Research names of towns/villages/airports in Chile. Study maps of area.
  • Learn local languages in Chile.
  • Learn to speak Russian.
  • Study images of South American jungles/beaches.
  • Decide what merfolk will look like.
  • How do merfolk speak? Different language? Something else?
  • Turn the ***************** into the perfect antagonist.
  • Give the Director a proper name.
  • Get degrees in zoology, biology, anthropolgy, anatomy, and possibly archeology.
  • Study pictures of England.
  • What kind of government and religion do merfolk have?
  • What's the backstory on merfolk?
  • What kind of weapons do merfolk use? Are they predator or prey?
  • Become fluent in Portaguese.
  • How do trackers track?
  • Is the Golden Egg egg-shaped? Thick? etc.
  • Where do merfolk live? Underwater villages? Caves?
  • Learn slang for Russian, Brittish, Australlian, Brazillian, and Chile.
  • Study pictures of castles and hidden passageways.
  • What does slime smell like?
  • Learn about common equipment and other necessary materials for said degrees.
  • Prove Loch Ness Monster is real.
  • Study Oxford University.
  • Become a SCUBA diver.
  • Become fluent in Russian.

So, this is the list, just as I wrote it. Hope you like it. Do you have a massive research list for your current WIP? What's the hardest thing on it?

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