Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Practical Joke Blogfest!

I am crazy about the blogfests! I try to keep track of all of them so I can either join in the fun or just read what others have said. They're awesome! Sadly, I've been seeing a bit of a theme where they're concerned. Blogfests that I've seen deal with one of two different ideas. Fighting and romance. Now, while those are great things to write and are tons of fun, they aren't always funny. And right now, I could use a good laugh.

This is:
 The Practical Joke Blogfest!

You groan with delight when a character in your book falls for the trap perfectly. Maybe they end up with a bucket stuck on their foot, or covered in chocolate after a steamy night. Maybe their the one pulling the joke and they anxiously await for their victim to spray themselves with the kitchen sink, or rush to the school because another parent chapperone cancelled last minute for a feild trip.

Find that perfect scene in your favorite book, or something you are working on. Or make something up on the spot! On June 9th, we'll all post our Practical Joke scene on our blogs and everyone can enjoy a good laugh (And possibly get some ideas for the next April Fools Day).

Here's what you do to join the Practical Joke Blogfest:
1: add your name and blog URL to the link box on the right.
2: Mention the blogfest on Twitter using #practicaljokeblogfest
3: Tweet the link to this blog.

Okay, the only thing you really have to do to join is the first one, but I think the last two would really help to get the word around. So bring on the pranks and practical jokes!


  1. I added your blogfest to my blogfest page.

    Be sure to check out the others!

    I don't have too many tricksters in my writing. I know I should have more to keep things light.
    I'm going to have to think about this flash fictions are a little bit sillier at times.

  2. Hey Haley! I'll try to remember to tweet about this, but I did put a linkie to it on my blog's side bar so that'll help a little bit too!

  3. Good idea, Haley! I'll jump on in. I'm also hosting a blogfest on May 22 for loglines (or hook line). Come join the pain -- uh, fun!

  4. Hey I've added your blogfest to my list, not sure if I can think of anything to write about myself, though... who knows the muse might visit in time... ; )

  5. Cool. I'll play. One of my books had a string of practical jokes. I can take a snippet from that.

  6. I'll give this a shot :D I love humor in books, but am uncertain if I can pull it off well--never any danger in trying! It will certainly be excellent practice.


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