Monday, June 14, 2010

Character Interview Blogfest

After a lot of arguments with all the voices bouncing through my head about who wanted to do the interview and who I wanted to do the interview, I've finally managed to get Joanna to semi-cooperate for the Character Interview Blogfest. Joanna is the MC of a unusual story. Not many would consider her good. In fact, you may remember her from the Bad Girl Blogfest. This was our first interview where I realized there was a little more to Joanna than meets the eye.

Me: Tell us a little about yourself.

Joanna: This is ridiculous. I'm not doing it.

Me: We agreed.

Joanna: *sighs* fine. What do you want to know?

Me: Where were you born and have you moved around a lot since then?

Joanna: I think I was born in Manhatten. I can't be entirely sure. I like the New York area, but I've also lived in London and Paris. Bigger cities are definitely preferable to small towns.

Me: Why is that?

Joanna: For obvious reasons.

Me: Umm... that was insightful. What do you do for a living?

Joanna: I rob banks.

Me: Wow, so forthcoming. Why do you rob banks?

Joanna: I always had this desire to be more notorious than the greats. Jessie James, Bonnie and Clyde. But its more than that. If I do it once, then I have the opportunity to outdo myself over and over again.

Me: Aren't you worried about going to jail?

Joanna: *smirking* I've got nothing to fear from jail. It is just a small slice of forever.

Me: Interesting. So, what else have you done in your life?

Joanna: I used to be a part of a feminist movement. Suffrage and all that.

Me: You don't look more than 25, how could you have been a part of that... that was decades ago!

Joanna: Time means so little to me anymore. A year for you is like a blink of the eye for me.

Me: How old are you exactly?

Joanna: Hmm... I believe I was born on Valentine's Day in 1941.

Me: How is that possible?

Joanna:  Time passes quickly when you're immortal. I was just a baby when Pearl Harbor was bombed. It didn't mean much to me, even though my dad died in that war. My mom was never the same after that. She didn't really care what we did. My older brother took care of me. Introduced me to his friends when I was twelve or thirteen. I liked them. They didn't treat me like a kid. They let me help them. One of them showed me how to do a lot of the little things I know how to do today. Of course, we didn't have things like security cameras back then. It was much easier to get away with robbery.

Me: So, when did you become immortal?

Joanna: A few weeks after I had turned twenty-one, I was the lookout for a job. It was a cold night. A beautiful man came up to me. He looked like he was hurting. He kept complaining about the thirst. I hd no idea what he wanted to drink was me. I tried to give him change. Even though his face wasn't like anyone's I had ever seen, he still reeked of death and looked like a bum. He attacked me when I put a dime in his hand. I thought he was crazy for biting me, and I tried to fight him off. It didn't work. He killed me. I don't know why he changed me. Brought me back to life with his life-blood. I've never seen it as a curse though. I love this new life. I love the power. I love being able to do whatever I want.

Well, that's it for now. There's more interview there, but I didn't want to go on for the other six pages. Anyway, I hoped you liked the interview.


  1. Hmm, we both have some reluctant interviewees. Post some more! I want to here about her troubles!

  2. Great interview. I need to work on mine. What's great is how the character's personality shines through in the answers. Well done.

  3. Nice interview! My characters are being difficult also and it seems I can't sit down with just ONE of them, but I'm trying to make it work.

  4. Andrew- After my editing series I will try to post more of her interview. Glad you liked it.

    Dawn- Thanks. Its really hard for her personality not to show through. She can be a bit repulsive at times.

    Harley- Thanks. I hope you can wrestle one of them down. You have the most interesting characters.


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